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5 Best Alternatives of Google PlayStore for Your Android Tablet

Android Tablet

The Google PlayStore is an app that provides you with dozens of benefits. With the help of google play store, you can enjoy the millions of apps on android google tablet 9 inch. The diversity of the apps is too large that you cannot even remember like you can enjoy the TV, books, android apps, hundreds of games, music, songs, movies, magazines, and much more on it at any time anywhere.

The Google PlayStore is the topmost downloading app. When a person purchases a cell phone, a tablet, a laptop so, the first thing is to download other apps from the Google play store. But it is not the only app; you still have many other options that can alternate it on your android tablet.


The Aptoide is an app that is made in accordance with the standards of google itself. Download this app on android google tablet 9 inch to make it an alternative option. The reviews of people tell that the usage of this app is quite similar to google play store, and the experience has gone well. The interface quality is also very nice and good in order to not cause any trouble to the users.

After the google play store, this is the topmost downloading app with seven lakhs apps to download.  The Aptoide app provides three versions of it for smartphones and tablets, children devices, smart TV, and set boxes. This feature broader the customer ranges of the app.

android google tablet 9 inch

Amazon Appstore:

The Amazon AppStore is also a very good alternative to the Google PlayStore. The plus point of this amazing app is that you can also download multiple of paid apps for free on android google tablet 9 inch. This point makes its demand higher.  This app is also known by the name of amazon underground; you can find the music, songs, books, movies at this app with low prices than many apps.


This app was made a long time ago that it is even older than the play store as well. The app has been divided into many categories and subcategories. So you can find your related app conveniently from a large store of 8 lakhs apps. The interface of this app is similar to the cell phone, which makes its use even simpler. This has a large number of apps in the store to download by the user.


This is another option to download on android Google tablet 9 inch. It is convenient for installing and managing. The SlideMe app provides the facility to download free apps and premium apps.


It is a wonderful app that provides you the opportunity to download free and premium apps for free. It works with mutualism wit app developers like app developers provide paid apps to it for free for a short time, and AppBrain does publicity or marketing of such apps. All the apps that AppBrain has stored for the users come from the Google play store. This will benefit both and also users. You can also access this as a website on android the Google tablet 9 inch.

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