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5 Ultra HD Screen Tablets to Watch Movies

android google tablet 9 inch

Do you want a Tablet for entertainment only?

Well, you are in luck because we are talking about android Google tablet 9 inch in the market with an excellent display. Apart from the display, these tablets offer you excellent value for your money. 

  • Apple iPad Pro (12.9)

The iPad Pro of 2018 is still one of the best tablets ever introduced. Apple outdid itself, and that is saying something because the company has been leading the tablet market space for quite some time. Let’s not dig into Apple’s bad choices, especially considering the thousand dollar stand.

Back to the tablet, it packs a 12.9 inch stunning display that has 2048 x 2732 pixels, 300 nit brightness, and excellent color accuracy. We are no Apply fanboy, nor do we hate the company, but we believe we should give credit where its due!

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Samsung Galaxy TabIf you want the best android google tablet 9 inch, Samsung is here for you!

We don’t want to get stuck in the Android vs. iOS debate, but Samsung has been putting up stiff competition for Apple, whether it’s Smartphones or Tablets. The Galaxy Tab S4 is no exception. It’s an excellent device all around. 

Speaking of which, if you want to an excellent entertainment device with the stunning display, but you don’t want to break your bank, the Galaxy Tab S4 is an ideal pick. It features a bright and sharp display with 1600 x 2560 pixels. Let’s not forget, this is a Super-AMOLED panel. 

  • Apple iPad Mini (2019)

If you want to stay up to date what Apple has to offer, but you don’t have the dough for Apple iPad Pro, then you can suffice yourself with the iPad Mini. You are not getting the beefy features, but you are getting an excellent display with 1536 x 2048 pixels resolution. It can compete with any android google tablet 9 inch.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S5E

We understand that Tab S4 was a bit more on the expensive side of things. Here is a midrange option that can suffice your needs if you want to watch media content. For around three hundred bucks, you are getting a sharp and vibrant display with 1600 x 2560 pixels resolution. The speakers are up to par with the display; you are getting four speakers by AKG. So, if you want an affordable android google tablet 9 inch, this might be it!

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 6

The 2018 iteration of Microsoft Surface Pro blew us away. It’s one the best Microsoft devices, and that is saying something because the Surface Lineup entered tablet market late. 

You are getting a solid display with 2736 x 1824 pixels resolution, excellent color accuracy as this device is intended for professional users and 300 nit brightness. Even if you are not a professional, this device will serve your needs well. That is if you are willing to spend $700 on a tablet (2 in 1 device). It’s an excellent device, even if it’s not an android google tablet 9 inch.

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