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Which Company has the Best Gaming Tablets?

ten cheapest tablets

Are you looking for the ten cheapest tablets that can play games?

If you want to buy a gaming tablet, it’s better if you research the market a little bit and learn which company excels at designing these tablets. We are going to name a few brands to help you get started. 


Choosing the number one company for who has the best gaming tablets was difficult. We choose Microsoft as the best manufacturer of gaming tablets because of the Surface Book 2.

It’s a 2 in 1 device that boosts dedicated GPU with the likes of GTX 1050 and GTX 1060. These are high-performance graphics cards and are callable of running triple-A games on medium to high settings. 

It’s a premium device, which comes with a premium price tag. It features a 2.5K display with more than 17 hours of battery life. The processor is Core i7 Processor with 16GB RAM. This tablet can pair with Xbox Controllers and can used with Xbox Play. 

ten cheapest tablets


The iPad Pro 12.9 inch is the best tablet with iOS so far. Yes, it’s the best tablet Apple has produced so far, and that’s saying a lot considering Apple has been leading the tablet market for a decade. 

The iPad Pro 12.9inch comes equipped with Apple Bionic 12X processor; it has 6-8GB RAM with 64GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB storage. The Retina display is excellent, and battery life can last more than 17 hours. It’s pretty impressive. Apple iPad topped several tablet lists, except for 10 Cheapest android Tablets.  


Amazon is underrated when it comes to a tablet. This company has been producing some great devices for excellent prices, but most of their devices are overlooked for certain reasons. The biggest reason why people hesitate to buy Amazon tablets is that they are not running any of the popular OS; instead, they are using their in-house OS, the Fire OS.

Amazon developed it specifically for their mobile devices, the smartphone and tablet range. Their tablets are featured in several lists, including the ten cheapest tablets. If you want an affordable gaming tablet for your kid, try the Fire HD 10. It’s a solid product all-around. 


Samsung is known for their excellent range of Android products, whether they are smartphones or tablets. If you are here looking for gaming tablets, you should consider what Samsung has to offer. The Galaxy Tab S4 has been considered one of the best Android tablets to date. It packs serious power underneath, which makes it capable of running any android game.

It’s a premium product from Samsung, so don’t expect it to come cheap. It’s Samsung’s answer to Apple’s iPad Pro. Therefore, you are not going to find it in any best 10 cheapest tablets list. 


This one comes as a surprise, but Acer has been designing excellent tablets including gaming ones. The Acer Iconia tablets are an excellent choice for gaming tablets if you can’t afford the Galaxy Tab S4 or Apple iPad Pro. It’s an affordable option that handles casual gaming well.

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