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How to Download YouTube Videos on Your Android and iOS?

Android and iOS

Do you love to watch videos and movies? If yes, then YouTube is the best app for you. It is highly significant as it provides you the facility to watch the videos and movies quite smoothly. There are serious web series over there which are relished by folks all over the world.

The best thing to mention is that YouTube is entirely free of cost. Users do not need to spend any penny for watching videos on YouTube. It is not only for reading but also for sharing videos with friends and family as well. You would be pleased to know that you can enjoy downloading movies or videos of your desire on YouTube. Let us have a glance at how to download YouTube videos on iOS and Android.

Quick Video Download:

Downloading the videos on YouTube is not rocket science. Users do not have to go through a complex process for downloading the videos. Follow a few simple steps in order to get the amazing download in the wink of an eye. First and the foremost step for doing so is to open up the app. Now explore the video which you are eager to get downloaded. 

Android and iOS

Open the video by clicking on it, and now it is the time to click the share button. You need to choose the option of “YouTube downloader” option from there. It is the time to choose the format in which you would like to get your video downloaded. For downloading the video click on the mp4 and if you wish to merely have the audio downloaded then click on mp3. After the selection of your desired format, you have to perform the last step which is none other than to tap the download button. 

Other Methods:

If you were eager to get YouTube videos to download on your iPhone, then you can adopt various types of the method as well. These include a subscription to YouTube premium, download from the third-party app such as ClipGrab, record your screen or use a File Manager. Make the selection for download as per your ease and desire and enjoy watching videos with your friends and family.

You can even enjoy movie parties due to the download feature of the YouTube app. Download exciting videos in the wink of an eye. 

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