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Getting Your Old Android Phone Speed Up

Android Phone

Over time, most of the phones, especially Android phones slow down due to various reasons. Most of the reason is technical, so we won’t go into that technicality. Here we will discuss how to gain the speed back so that you may enjoy smooth and swift processing on your device. We are going to share some tips where and after applying these tips and tricks, there won’t be any delayed or not responding app, and there won’t be any skipped tap or swipe.

Clear Cache

If you have used Windows Operating System on your laptop or Desktop PC, especially Windows 98 version, you might have encountered the same issue. PC used to slow down after some time and then the first step we used to do was clearing cache memory using a DOS command.

This time there is no DOS command to clear the cache. You have to go to the Setting Menu and then in Apps section and then tap on every individual app and clear cache.

You can make this task easier by installing some apps. Most devices come with built-in clear cache function. Once you clear cache, the RAM is cleared and your android phone performs better.Android Phone

Disable Animate Options

You might have observed that when you tap or swipe on the screen or open some menu, it animates smoothly or with some other effects. These animations consume the extra processing power of your phone. The processor of your tablet reserves some memory and processing queue for these animations. You can free up this useless allocation by disabling the animations.

Disabling Animate option is a bit technical. A normal user can’t see that option in the setting. You will have to activate a special menu for this which is called developer options or developers menu. Developer Options are shown at the bottom of setting if these are enabled and from these developer options you can disable Animations. If you don’t have developers’ options, activate it first.

To activate developers’ options menu, open Settings, and then scroll down to About and in About tap many times on “Build Number”. A message will pop up on the screen saying that developers’ options are enabled now.

Delete Unused Apps

Another thing that you can do to free up some space and to speed up your device is to delete unused apps. Most of the times, we install some app to test it or to use it for some specific task, and then we forget to delete it. It remains there unused for long, but it keeps occupying some space in ROM and RAM. Some apps keep running in background, and hence they keep your phone processor busy.

The better idea is to locate such apps and delete them if you are not using them. You can always download them whenever you need them again.

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