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How to Configure Google Text-to-Speech on an Android Device

Android Tablet

Configure Google Text-To-Speech

Thanks to Google text-to-speech app, it has become easier to understand comprehensive languages or new languages for many users reading e-books on an Android device. The Text-to-Speech feature powers the Android applications to read aloud the on-screen text appearing on a compatible Android app opened in an Android device.

To download the latest version of the Google Text-to-Speech app, turn on the cellular data on the device, navigate to Google Play Store and search for the app. In case you have signed into Gmail on more than one Android tablets, the Play Store will check compatibility and will show a “This App is Compatible with All of your Devices” message accordingly. Tap on the green exclamation mark to see which of your devices support Google Text-to-Speech feature and then proceed to download the app in the device.

Once the latest version gets downloaded on your Android tablet, navigate to Settings > Language & Input > Text-to-Speech options and choose Google-text-Speech Engine as the default option for your device. In case you have refurbished Samsung tablets like Galaxy Tab S2, you would have Samsung Text-to-Speech or Google Text-to-Speech in the device to choose from.

In the same windowpane, you can customize the Speech Rate, Configure Default Language, and listen to an example if you need. You can also find an array of languages supporting the Text-to-Speech feature including English, German, Spanish, and others.

Most of the third party e-book reading applications are compatible with Google Text-to-Speech voices. If your app does not support the feature, you can use Google Play Books for your needs.

Open an e-book on the Google Play Books app, tap on the overflow button denoted by three dotes, and tap on the Read Aloud option. The feature will recite the e-book to you as per the language you chose for Google Text-to-Speech.

Google Play Books supports PDF and Epub (DRMed) e-books as well as the Text-to-Speech feature with audible voices. If you do not have Google Play Books installed in your Android device, you can download that from the Google Play Store as well. Besides that, you can also find many other applications on the Play Store, which support the feature as of now, utilizing the Text-to-Speech engine to its full measure.

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