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5 Ways To Check Your Desktop PC Specs

refurbished computers in Los Angeles

If you are planning to buy refurbished computers in Los Angeles, you need to look carefully at the desktop PC specs. You will also need to be brought from a reputable seller, so you do not get cheated out. It is necessary to know the specifications of the computer you are planning to buy so that it has all that you want and you know what to look for. This includes knowing the processor speed, memory, RAM, etc. Read on to find out five ways to check your desktop PC specifications so that you do not end up with a computer that is not able to carry out your required tasks. 

  1. System Information On Windows

For this, you will open the “Start” icon, this is the Windows logo present at the bottom-left of your screen. In the “Start” menu, open “Settings.” It is the gear-shaped icon located at the bottom-left corner. After this you will click on “System,” i.e. the laptop-shaped icon. The “About” tab needs to be located next that is in the lower-left area of the window. Scroll down and find the “Device specifications” heading. You can review the computer’s specifications, which will tell you its processor, RAM, as well as system type. 

refurbished computers in Los Angeles

  1. Device Manager On Windows

This is for an advanced and in-depth list of hardware on your computer. It is better to do this when looking for refurbished computers. Begin by finding the advanced Start menu, this is done by right-clicking the “Start” icon. A pop up menu will come on the left area of the screen. Over here you will click “Device Manager” which will open its window. You can scroll through the various categories of hardware until you see the one you wish to open. You can review different categories, like “Processors” etc. Double-click on the hardware category to expand it, you can review the list of different hardware components. 

  1. Apple Menu on Mac

If you are planning to buy a Mac, then you should still check its specs, especially if it is refurbished computers. To do this, click on the Apple menu, i.e. the apple-shaped icon. Click on “About This Mac.” You can review Mac’s information like its processor, RAM, graphics unit, here. Click on “System Report,” after this open the “Hardware” menu, you can then choose the hardware you want to check in on. 

  1. Checking Specs in Windows 7

Begin by looking for the “Computer” icon that is on the desktop, right-click on the icon, which will open the context menu. Choose the “Properties” option. You may be planning to buy refurbished computer that has Windows 7, you should know how to check the specifications.

  1. Universal method to check specs

This can be done by finding the “Windows” button. You also need to look for the “Pause/Break” one. Click both buttons simultaneously. This will open the technical specs that the computer has. 

A refurbished computer is one that has been used but is fixed to make it work like new. If you libe in Los Angeles then you will be looking for refurbished computers locally. Check the specifications carefully before buying the computer.

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