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How to Enable or Disable Night Shift on an iPad

IPad Tablet

Enabling Night Shift On Ipad

The blue light emission from the display of a mobile device may affect our circadian rhythms and sleep patterns when using the device under gloomy light. Regardless, Android has Night Mode and Apple has Night Shift in their Android and iOS devices respectively to counter that. If you have an iPhone or an iPad tablet, below is how to enable the Night Shift in your device.

As the feature would shift the blue light to warmer color tones at nighttime or when normal light is long overdue, it would reduce the strain on your eyes. To access the feature, open Settings from the home screen of iOS and tap on Display & Brightness. Then, tap on Night Shift and turn On the toggle switch for Scheduled.

If the menu reads Sunset/Sunrise, you are done; else, tap on From/To and schedule timings. Note that Sunset/Sunrise timings get pulled from iOS location settings, the same way it works on the Weather app.

To enable Night Shift as per a custom schedule on iOS, pick any other static timings of your preference. For that, open Settings and navigate to Display & Brightness > Night Shift > Scheduled in case you are yet to enable Location Settings. Then, tap on From/To, and on Custom Schedule, and then enable Turn On At.

Vertically slide the selector to opt your custom schedule from among Hours, Minutes, and/or AM/PM. Repeat the same sliding procedure for Turn Off At just below Turn On At, and tap on Done once you are choose the custom schedule for Night Shift on your device.

The choice to enable Night Shift on iOS as per the Custom Schedule is user convenience and usage time. To manually enable Night Shift on an iPad tablet or the iPhone, navigate to Settings > Display & Brightness > Night Shift and tap on Manually Enable Until Tomorrow. If you choose that, Night Shift would start and stay on until the subsequent day from the day you enable the feature manually.

If the yellowish color emission when using the mobile device on Night Shift strains your eyes, you can tweak the same to reduce the strain on the eyes. Choose Color Temperature from the Settings. Further, under the normal light, you may need to disable Night Shift. For that, switch Off the toggle for Scheduled and Manually Enable Until Tomorrow.

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