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How to Apply Screen Guard on Refurbished Tablets

Refurbished Tablets

Apply Screen Guard

When you purchase the refurbished tablets from an online portal, buy the screen guard along with it if you can. There are many different ways to apply the screen guard on the refurbished surface, although perfection comes with practice. Follow the below steps to apply the screen guard on your tablet device’s surface evenly.

First Turn off the Device and Clean the Screen

When the device stays on, the screen guard may have air bubbles so turn off the device. The same goes when dust particles exist on the screen. So, clean the screen with the tablet cleaning kit, which includes the cleaning solution and cleaning cloth. Once you are done with cleaning, take off the device’s casing so that you can apply the screen guard subsequently.

Apply the Screen Guard

Most film screen protectors tend to have two pieces of plastic guards surrounding the film. You should remove one side of the plastic and then remove the other piece of plastic when applying the screen guard. On iPad, there is only the home button. However, on Android refurbished tablets there will be spaces for the camera, speaker, etc., so line up the screen guard on an even keel on the screen.

When you apply, ensure the film faces the correct way down – worry not, screen guards have up and down instructions. Remove the plastic covering surrounding the screen guard and fold back the screen guard upside down over the tape. Then attach the screen guard to the bottom of the tablet as well and remove the plastic surrounding the screen guard from the display.

Smoothing Out Air Bubbles

When applying the screen guard, check from the center to the sides of the device to see if air bubbles exists. If there are air bubbles, you can use the finger or a credit card to smooth it and make your display fresh. If you remove slowly and spread the tape evenly, bubble may not even exist. However, touching the taping on the film while you apply screen guard may create air bubbles.

Most people agree that protecting the screen with a screen guard is essential to keep the display of refurbished tablets neat and clean. If you can, choose the tempered glass cover, which is compatible with your device’s refurbished surface.

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