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How to Setup Kiosk Mode in your iPad

While preparing for hosting an exhibition or any other event, you may have thought of adding video displays at the venue. This can help the users to know about the event, as the display will act as a kiosk that will facilitate interaction and information to the invitees. iPads are ideal for this purpose due to their large and clear display. They have extended functionality than an ordinary video display and can offer content at high quality to the users while also allowing them to interact with them.

For this purpose, iPads that are running on iOS 6 versions and above have a feature called Guided Access. This lets your iPad be used as an information kiosk and functions by limiting the device to certain apps. By setting up this feature, you can designate a specific app for users and this will prevent them from accessing other apps and features of the iPad. With this, you can easily setup a kiosk-based on an app that you can deploy across any of your events.

To set up the Guided Access feature on your iPad, you need to go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access and turn it on. This requires that you set up a passcode, which must be a strong combination yet easy to memorize. After the passcode is setup, go back to the home screen on your iPad by pressing the home button.

To enable Guided Access for a specific app, you need to open the app, and after it is loaded, triple click on the Home button. This will bring up the Guided Access screen, which you can begin by tapping on the Start option. This will launch the Guided Access mode on your iPad and your device will remain inaccessible except the one app that you have selected.

You can also disable the touch on specific regions of the screen, such as near the address bar. This will prevent the issues from typing into the address bar and navigating into another webpage. For this, triple click on the Home button to bring up the Guided Access screen.

Make sure that the touch option is turned on. Draw a shape around the region of the screen that you wish to disable the touch option. Tap on Resume located at the top right corner and this will activate this feature, by disabling touch for that specific portion.

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