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How to Use Instant Notes on an iPad

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Instant Notes On Ipad

If you are an iPad Pro user, then updating the device to the latest software update of Apple, iOS 11, will allow you to enjoy a number of new exciting features. One of the most popular features that come with the latest iOS update is Instant Notes. This feature allows iPad Pro users to open a new document in the Notes app by simply tapping on the Apple Pencil on the display of their tablet.

The major highlight of this newly introduced feature is that it works even when the tablet is locked. This means that you will able to start writing a document on your iPad even without unlocking the device. Unfortunately, most iPad Pro users have no clear idea on how to use Instant Notes on their device. If you are one among them, below are a couple of simple steps that will help you out.

  • Press the Sleep/Wake button or the Home button in order to activate the display of your locked iPad.
  • Take out the Apple Pencil and tap it on the screen of your tablet, which will automatically launch the Notes app and allow you to create a fresh document

However, it is significant to note that you will not be able to access the other notes or open any other applications on your iPad, as the device is in locked mode. Yet, you can still access all the other features of Notes including the camera, sketch tools, pen tools, and the document scanner.

You should also take note of the fact that you will be able to activate Instant Notes only from the locked screen of your iPad. This means that if your tablet is not locked, you will have to access Notes either through the application or through the Notes option in the Control Center of your iPad.

If you are still not able to make use of this new feature even after performing the above steps, then you should initially make sure that your tablet has been updated to the latest available version. If not, updating the device might help you to solve the issue. You will need to use an Apple Pencil to make use of the Instant Notes features, which implies that this feature is exclusive for iPad Pro users.

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