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Free Android Apps That you Can Use This Halloween

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Halloween Themed Android Apps

You may have decorated your house with skeletons, cobwebs, spiders, and carved pumpkins. But what about your Android tablet and phone? Your ever present companions will also need to get ready for the Halloween Eve. Your tablet can help zombify yourself and keep the party going with Halloween tunes.

Below is a list of some of the best apps that you can install in Android tablets and phones to help you get into the Halloween mood. You may also rent tablets from the local low cost tablets rental store, install these apps on it, and give the device to your kids on Halloween Eve.

Track & Treat

This app will help you keep track of your kids on the Halloween night. To share your location, you don’t even need an account – a phone number or an email account can allow you to temporarily share your location. This app can help you ease your anxiety of seeing your kids head off into the spooky night.

Halloween Photo Stickers

This is one of the best apps, which can help you put a Halloween frame around an image, instead of many random stickers. This is a really interesting and funny way to text your friends and family some Halloween themed images to get them ready for the night of trick or treat. As this is a free app, you need to be ready to face some advertisements.

Funny Halloween Party 2

This app will let you host a virtual Halloween party, which can help you prepare for the real one. The app will allow your little ones to dress up characters and decorate houses to get into the Halloween spirit. There are many fun activities in the app that can help you get ready for the big night.

Dead Yourself

This app will let you turn a selfie of yours into a freaky zombie, which is a Halloween tradition of the smartphone era. The app will let you capture a selfie or import a picture in your Android device to turn it into a flesh-eating zombie. You can turn your girlfriend, pet, or even a toy into a spooky zombie.

Hidden Object – Happy Haunts

This hidden object game helps you to get immersed into the Halloween spirit. The main advantage of this free Halloween game is that there are no overwhelming ads. In addition, there are many difficulty levels, which can help you take spookiness to a whole-new level. The game is not too gory, so even your kids can play the game to find the objects hidden behind the pumpkins and ghosts.

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