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How to Effectively Protect your Android Tablet from Viruses and Malware

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Viruses and malwares have evolved consistently, which earlier were limited to infecting computers and networking terminals only. Today, they target portable digital devices such as tablets and smartphones as well. In fact, the increasing reliance of tablets and other devices running on Android for storing valuable and personal information like bank accounts make them easy targets for viruses and other types of malicious applications. Due to this, it is highly necessary to protect your Android tablet from any kind of virus infection.

A virus or malware attack can actually tamper with your device that can result in stealing your valuable data, and in the worst case, make your device completely unusable. However, there are many ways to protect your new or refurbished tablets from being infected by a virus or any other malicious application. When applied, these preventive measures make it difficult for viruses to enter into your tablet, thereby protecting the data stored in your device. Below is how to effectively protect your Android tablet from viruses and malware.

Installing Mobile Security Apps

One of the best ways to protect your Android tablet is by downloading and installing a proper mobile security app. Google Play Store contains many mobile security apps created by some of the leading brands in providing cyber security such as Kaspersky, McAfee, Norton, etc. These apps offer numerous features that can prevent any virus from getting into your tablet and tampering with the files stored. Besides, it also provides various advanced features such as remote wipe, lock, system speed up, and resource management.

Updating Android

Another effective way to prevent your tablet from being infected by viruses is regularly updated the Android to its latest version. Every new version of Android contains several improvements in security and fixes that virtually prevents any kind of virus infection in a device. So you must ensure that your tablet remains updated to the latest version of Android, as older versions tend to fall behind in terms of providing security and do not contain updated databases.

Disabling Unknown Sources

Mostly, viruses enter your device if you download any app from unknown sources. There is an option in Android that you can change, which allows or disallows the installation of apps from unknown sources. These apps are not available in Google Play Store and thereby carry the risk of containing any kind of malicious programs such as viruses and malware. To disable this feature, go to Settings > Security & Location and uncheck the Unknown Sources option under Device Administration.

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