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How to Reduce Mobile Data Usage on an Android Tablet

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Reduce Mobile Data Usage

If you closely track the mobile data usage of smartphone and tablet users, you will be easily able to identify that the usage has skyrocketed over the last few years or so. Both Android and Apple apps have become more and more data hungry and they constantly push users to update it to the latest available version.

Web surfing that was mostly text once has expanded to images, GIFs, and videos. As a result, social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have also started to integrate video contents. All these factors have made it increasingly difficult for users to cut down the mobile data usage on their Android devices.

If you are an Android tablet user who is tired of constantly crossing the monthly mobile data of his/her device, then you might be probably wondering what you can to do restrict the mobile data usage. To help you out, below is how to reduce mobile data usage on an Android tablet.

Use Data Compression in Google Chrome

Most of the Android tablets usually come with a preinstalled Google Chrome browser, which users can use to browse the web. However, several Android tablet users do not know that this app has an inbuilt feature, which will help you to reduce the mobile data consumption on your device.

Open Chrome from your tablet, tap on the three dots on the top of the browser, and then select Settings. Now, scroll down until you see a Data Saver option and simply enable it.

Limit Data Usage in Settings

One of the simplest things you can do to prevent yourself from surpassing the monthly data cap is to set a limit to the monthly data usage on your device. Go to the Settings menu of your tablet, tap on Data Usage, followed by Billing Cycle, and finally select Data Limit and Billing Cycle. You will now be able to set a maximum amount of data that you wish to use on a monthly basis.

Update Apps over Wi-Fi Only

Disabling automatic app updates in the Play Store of your tablet is another effective way to reduce the consumption of mobile data. All you need to do is to open Play Store on your tablet, tap on Menu, and then select Settings. Now, you will find an Auto-Update Apps options. Tap on it and then simply select Auto-Update Apps Over Wi-Fi only or Do Not Auto-Update Apps.

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