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How Working Professionals can Choose Voice Assistant Apps

The app developers of the voice assistant apps say they are meant to aid the hearing impaired or visually impaired users to use their respective devices with utmost ease. In fact, the voice assistant apps have improved the accessibility features in Android or iOS through voice commands. However, the voice assistant applications aid the working professionals also in communication, helping them handle everything from voice calls to surfing on the web or even send emails on the go.

When it comes to integrating a voice assistant into compatible tablets, there are a few things to be considered; first of them being the nature of business and second, the OS. For instance, if you are in events and logistics using a voice app like Apple Siri can be beneficial to the process you work on a day-to-day basis. In fact, Siri lets iOS users to send texts, web surf on the go or even know the weather on a given day.

Further, Siri can also help you navigate traffic on Apple Maps in iOS 11. As many of the third-party apps can be integrated to Apple Siri, it is an added bonus to the professionals. If you have an iPad tablet featuring iOS 11, ensure that the compatible app is configured to enable Apple Siri assist you by navigating to Settings > Siri > App Support.

For accountants who need to pull up the Excel files or identify “the song playing on the device” among the basic of all things, Google Assistant can prove to be an equal fit to you. In fact, professionals can compose emails on Gmail, have a look at the weather, or even open a compatible Android app from the home screen using voice command using Google Assistant.

In addition, you need to consider the present technology infrastructure of your business before using a voice assistant for professional needs. For instance, what type of technological preference do you have accesses to at workplace meaning? Do you use iPads over MacBooks or laptops? You should consider such factors also as voice assistants vary not just in terms of OS but also the devices in use. For the best results, always ensure the Operating System is up-to-date so that you get instant replies to the queries you make using voice commands.

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