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How to Reset an HTC Smartphone when Locked Out?

HTC Smartphone

After forgetting a password, it will be impossible to access your HTC smartphone. Remember, android has built-in methods to bypass a lock screen. You will need your Google credentials to get access to the lock screen. If you are unable to access your device, you can reset it through a factory reset option. In these cases, you can unlock your phone easily. Here are some tips to reset an HTC smartphone.

Pattern or PIN

If your phone has a pattern or PIN, try it five times to bypass a lock. It will make your phone lock again. Now, you will get an option to try a different method to log in.

You can try third-party  app to unlock your phone, but leave this option for now. Hit forget pattern or password because this button is available on the login screen of Google account. With this button, you can use the credentials of your Google account linked with the phone. A Verizon customer can’t use this method. After ten attempts, your phone will be wiped. You will not be able to bypass a lock with your Google account.

HTC Smartphone

Use Google Information

You will need your Google account password and name. It should be an account that you are using for this phone. Sometimes, your tablet apps may help you to remember your Google credentials. If you are unable to remember the password of Google, feel free to recover this password. For this purpose, you have to log into the website of Google on your computer.

Make sure to connect your smartphone with Wi-Fi or mobile data. Use this method to sign in to Google account. Turn off airplane mode if it is on and set a new password. Now, you can change your security with settingsFeel free to select a new pattern, password or PIN for your device.

Reset Your Phone

Turn off your phone to access recover menu. Make sure to start by powering down your phone. Press the power button and hold it to get a power menu. Click a power icon to shut down your phone. Resetting a phone or tablet will erase data. Make sure to use this option as a last-ditch exertion. If your phone is stuck, power it down immediately by removing its battery.

Start recover menu of your phone by holding and pressing a volume button and press and hold a power button. Make sure to keep two buttons for almost 30 seconds to wait for android image.

Once the image appears, release these buttons and perform a factory reset. Use a volume up and down button for navigation. Choose factory reset and hit the power button to keep going. The process of factory reset may take many minutes. Once you factory reset, everything on your phone will be erased.

Log in your phone and set up again with your Google account. You must have a backup to get previous data on your phone.

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