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3 easy hacks to keep your chats private in Android

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People often use WhatsApp for chatting on android and iOS. They often share sensitive information on messaging apps, and these must be protected from prying eyes. Fortunately, you can keep chats private in android to protect your sensitive data.

Lock WhatsApp

For your security, you must lock WhatsApp. Make sure to use a PIN or password for its protection. To lock WhatsApp, you have to use a third-party function. You may find it difficult, but it is necessary for your protection. 

Block Photos of WhatsApp from Photo Roll

Your WhatsApp conversations can be personal; therefore, you have to protect it from others. If you are sharing messages, these images will appear in your photo roll. Friends or family can view these images when swiping other photos. For this reason, you have to fix this issue.

Android users can use an ES file explorer to find videos and images folders of WhatsApp. Create a file for each known as “.nomedia”. Moreover, lock your WhatsApp to prevent photos from the photo roll.

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Hide Timestamp of Last Seen

If you don’t want people to know when you are offline and online, you can hide timestamp of last seen. It is not vital information so that you can hide it from your boss and colleagues. Restrict the access of people to your last seen time or disable this option in the profile of WhatsApp. Check “Privacy menu” in iOS, Blackberry, Windows or android. After turning off your last seen time, you will not be able to last seen time of other users.

Control Access to Profile Picture

WhatsApp sharing allows people to download and save your profile picture. Even strangers can download this picture from your profile. With the image search feature of Google, they can easily get information about you. For this reason, restrict access to your profile picture. In inexpensive tablets for saleyou can limit it to your contacts only. Make sure to check the privacy menu for this setting.

Keep an Eye on Scams

WhatsApp will not contact you through this app. You will not get payment, photos, videos, voice message or chats from them without requesting their support and help. If you get a free subscription from WhatsApp, you must not believe them. They may encourage you to click a few links to safeguard your account. It can be a dangerous scam for you.

After losing your androd phone, you must immediately deactivate your device. Try to activate your WhatsApp with a similar number on a different device. Remember, you can use this app from one number on a device only. For this reason, it is an excellent way to block WhatsApp from your old device.

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