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4 things that only iOS users can Enjoy

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The gap between iOS and Android is decreasing, but still, there are some special things for iOS users. If you need a device, consider the a tabletNo doubt, both devices have some technological gaps, but the competition is close enough. Both operating systems have their pros and cons. Fortunately, there are 4 things that only iOS users can enjoy.

1. Better Looking Apps

When you talk about apps, numerous developers prefer the Apple app store. There are several reasons for this preference, such as iOS apps allow you to make extra money as compared to Play Store. Android apps take longer in design and development than iOS because these apps have 38% additional codes. 

Numerous  tablets debut on iOS instead of Android. A popular app Prisma leverages AI (artificial intelligence) to transfer your photographs. Its premier was available on iPhone almost two months before Google Play Store. Surprisingly, Google makes the best apps for iOS users.

With dubbed motion stills, you can scroll through different photos. Moreover, it is easy to leverage live photos of Apple. The built-in app of Google allows you to quickly export animated snaps to various social media platforms in an accepted format. iOS users can get the advantage of new features before Android users.

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2. Instant Updates for Operating System

Apple frequently updates its operating system. These updates reach every iPhone, iPod, and best buy tablets immediately. Remember, Apple has maximum control over system updates. IOS users will get updates without intervention from smartphone manufacturers and mobile carriers. The security vulnerabilities, bugs, or software glitches are fixed within the iOS ecosystem with ruthless efficiency.

Users can access the latest features of Apple immediately. Unfortunately, Android users can’t get the advantage of instant updates. Google is not frequent in pushing out its latest updates. Android users can’t enjoy the latest features immediately.

3. Spotlight Search of Apple

The spotlight search of Apple is a remarkable tool. Home screen panels allow you to drag down the search field with a touch of your finger. You can search for anything on the device, such as projects, messages, draft emails, phone numbers, contacts, apps, individual tracks, etc.

Moreover, you can stream different tracks through Apple Music. The spotlight may help you in the web search. There is no need to fire-up a separate app before kicking start to next Google Search.

4. Better Security than Android Devices

No doubt, iOS is a secure platform as compared to Android. It is not unconquerable, but better than other operating systems. Android users can’t get the advantage of this tight security. Apple users can avoid 97% of malware risks. 

The main reason for this tight security is the latest updates. Even Android tablets can’t get immediate updates. In this situation, Android is an appealing device for cyber scammers. Moreover, users can get better support for new technologies. No doubt, Android manufacturers are working on the security feature of their operating system.

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