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AMD vs. Intel CPUs: Which Company is Winning for 2020?

AMD And Intel

The war between AMD and Intel CPUs is heavily broad and is dependent on the customer’s choice and CPU specifications. Let us have a glance to know which company is winning for 2020!

Growing Market Share:

Market share is one of the significant features which imposes a huge impact on the minds of customers for buying it. The desktop CPU market contains huge variety, and AMD is the one who is responsible for about 18% growth share of it in the market. It is enhancing its growth with each passing year.

Race for Lead:

The shortage of supply of Intel proved to a marvelous blessing for the progress of AMD. AMD generated great revenue and prestige in the market by offering its processor in the market and tries to take the lead as well. According to the current scenario, AMD is found to be excelling in the world of technology due to its 7nm process. However, Intel is not going to match this feature until 2021. However, the race for lead is continued.AMD And Intel

Price Range and Performance:

Many of the people are attracted to Intel while others found AMD to be the best one for themselves. If we talk about the Intel and AMD with equivalent features then in terms of price, then AMD is found to be much more reasonable in price.

Gaming Experience:

Game lovers enjoy buying the technology for relishing different types of games with a brilliant performance. You can get amazing and fascinating gaming experience when you use the AMD –ATI CPU graphics. Previously AMD CPUs were available at a quite low price, but at that time, the performance was also not up to the mark.

For harder gaming experience, the most recommended one is Intel’s 9700K as well as 9900K. You must incline towards buying these CPUs for adding thrill to your games.

Efficient Chips:

Ryzen CPUs are highly effective and excellent ones that are introduced by the AMD. It perfectly offers competition to Intel in terms of running applications and other multi-threaded scenarios as well. The chips of 3800X and 3900X offer an extraordinary run of 9900K to its users. AMD And Intel


The tug of war between Intel and AMD is quite extensive. The credit for this goes to the features and specifications of it. Both of them try hard to bring on as many positive aspects them as they can. Persistent modification in their CPU is making it hard to choose the winner.

However, if Intel CPU would not consider lowering their prices, then it can be out of the race at any time.

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