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Everything You Should Know About Windows 10X

Windows 10X

Our readers were continuously asking us about the complete overview and important features of the new Windows 10, and after thorough research and consideration we thought of talking about it today. We will give you the topmost features of windows ten today so that if you have any misconceptions about the windows ten they must be cleared, and you must know all about its specialties.

The Start Menu!

The start menu, the most famous menu bar in the entire world, is back again with Windows 10. Yes, in the previous windows 8 the Microsoft Company discarded the button of Start and made the appearance of the menu as default, but after getting a lot of feedback and negativity from the customers’ side they had to add it back after the launch of the windows 10. You must have noticed how short the Microsoft Company launched the windows 10 soon after the launch of Windows 8.  So this is a piece of good news to the windows lover. If you don’t know about it, you can always use your windows ten to search for the right method.

Windows 10X

The Continuum!

Most of you don’t know what this means. Well the continuum is one of the sensors in the all-new Microsoft windows ten edition. It senses that whether you are using the windows on a desktop system or on a tablet because this Windows is designed for both tablets and windows, so it senses your usage and turns the outlook according to the device. This is yet another important feature of windows 10x.

Multiple Desktops and Multi-Tasking Applications!

If you think that only the new android devices can manage the multi-tasking feature, then you are wrong the Microsoft windows ten also comes with a multitasking feature and you can enable multiple desktops on the desktop system and can use them for different applications. It is one of the most exciting features of Windows 10.

Snap Assist and Sticky Notes!

Now you can add sticky notes as many as you want on your desktop and add reminders for your schedule. Then there is the most exciting feature that is known as the snap assist, which helps you take screenshots and pin them to your screen for references. This is one of the features loved by the users of Microsoft.

Pinning Different Applications!

Previously only limited kinds of application could be pinned to the taskbar but today the windows ten allows you to pin as many applications to the taskbar as you want.

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