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A new ‘repair-friendly’ Microsoft tablet – Surface Pro X

Microsoft tablet

You may find a new repair-friendly Microsoft tablet, Surface Pro X. As per iFixt, this tablet is repair-friendly for users. Surface Pro X has user-replaceable SSD, and other components are easy to replace. You can get the advantage of USB-C dual connections, Slim Pen, 16GB of RAM and 512GB SSD.

With front-facing camera (5-megapixel), 10-megapixel rear camera and 4K video along with 13 hours of excellent battery life, you will find these tablets great. It is easy to repair your tablet

Amazing Features of Microsoft Surface Pro X

This 2-in-1 laptop is available with a 13-inch touchscreen and LTE. Ultra-thin design allows you to get the advantage of amazing graphics. It features ultimate mobility and a keyboard. You have to buy this keyboard. 

For your on-the-go lifestyle, it can be an ideal device. It is faster to complete any job or stream movies. With its LTE (blazing-fast) advanced pro, you can connect with your office. It makes it possible to stay productive and work without your office. You can enjoy the benefits of its fantastic battery life of almost 13 hours. Microsoft tablet

Striking Exterior

With its stunning exterior, it supports smooth and quick processing. It features the SQ1 chip as a joint effort of Qualcomm and Microsoft. The new processor depends on ARM architecture available in mobile devices. With improved LTE support and excellent battery life, you can carry it for your business trips.

The pixel touch screen 2800 x 1920 looks good. It maintains the 3:2 classic aspect ratio. You will get almost 450 nits in this lighter and thinner tablet. This device lacks headphone jacks, but the performance of Bluetooth is excellent. Microsoft adds 2 USB-C ports and a connector Surface port.

Type Cover, New Pen and Design

The Pro X is available in black color, and its slim design makes it impressive. With its thin bezels, it looks similar to iPad Pro. This lightweight device feels durable and smooth. It comes with a slim pen that is clever and permits you to use a laptop without ticking to this pen. 

Typing on this keyboard will be easy with the Type Cover. For a type keyboard cover, this device is excellent. The neat and clean stylus can make your life easy. You have to spend almost $150 extra for a slim pen. Moreover, buy a keyboard separately because it is not included in the deal.

Specs and Display

It features 11MP rear camera, 5MP front camera, SQ1 processor along with 685 Adreno graphics and 2880 x 1920, and a 13-inch display. You can get 16GB of memory and removable 512 SSD along with 4G LTE Qualcomm X24 modem.

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