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How to Prevent Phone Hacking?

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Smartphone hacking is a common issue across the world. With the updated software, latest security apps on the protected Wacom tabletyou can decrease these threats. Phone hacking methods may vary, such as hacking a live conversation to stealing data stored in a smartphone. No doubt, phone hacking is a growing issue and hackers can wreak havoc in your life. Here are some measures to secure your phone from hackers.

Security Tips

Casual users can adhere to basic security tips to block hacking efforts. For instance, you must not leave your tablet or smartphone unattended. Keep it always with you in a public place. Make sure to change default passcode of your phone. A phone may come with a simple password, such as 0000, 1234, etc. Make sure to change this password. 

You have to manage Bluetooth security and avoid the use of unprotected networks. Turn off Bluetooth services if you are not using them. Use a protected app to store your passwords, PIN numbers and credit card numbers.

Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi

To protect your data, make sure to avoid using unsecured public Wi-Fi. Hackers may target specified locations, such as bank accounts through a public network. These networks are unsecured because of weak safety standards. Make sure to avoid using a public network for your device. 

Turn off autocomplete feature to protect personal data. Make sure to delete cookies, cache and browsing history. You should turn on “Find My iPhone” because this feature can protect you from different threats.

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Security Apps

With the use of a security app, you can increase the protection of your device. Android users can use Webroot mobile security or other apps. The best antivirus protection permits you to avoid online threats and wipe your phone after losing it. 

Carefully Choose Apps for Your Mobile

You must not download apps randomly on your phone. Before installing an app in your smartphone, you must check the license and permission of the app. You should not give unnecessary permissions to your phone. Some apps need access to camera, microphone and contact details. Carefully evaluate if an app needs these permissions. 

Review Privacy Settings of Your Phone

Carefully evaluate available apps on your phone. You must check their privacy settings. It can be challenging to overview the permissions of an app. Make sure to use security apps, such as McAfee and Avast. These tools can help you review apps on your smartphone and see their permission. To find information, check “Settings – Privacy”.

With security apps, you can protect your device from malicious software and phishing attacks. It will help you improve graphics and other features of your phone. Make sure to use a smart lock to protect your android phone and its data from intruders.

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