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These tips will help you in Optimizing Android Apps on Google Play Store

Are you ready to buy a new slate? Your device is incomplete without the Google Play Store. For this reason, ASO (app store optimization) becomes a reality. It is necessary to optimize apps listed on the play store. 

Remember, optimization is necessary to maximize visibility and conversion rate of apps on Google Play Store. This process is similar to search engine optimization. Here are some tips to optimize android apps on the Play Store.

Run Experiments of Google Constantly

Google Play Store allows you to set up experiments and test numerous variants of specific elements of app listing, such as:

  • Feature graphic
  • Your icon
  • Video
  • Screenshots
  • Full description 
  • Short description

Graphics experiments may run globally in almost five languages. Feel free to choose nearly three variants to test with almost 50% of traffic. You have to check traffic, visibility and user experience.

Market and Keyword Research

You will need this analysis before implementing an ASO strategy and publishing your game or app. Remember, new applications require lots of time and efforts to get top ranking for mid-tail or head keywords. It will take lots of efforts and time; therefore, you must have the best strategy for your new apps.

Keyword combination must be more specific as compared to particular keywords with lower competition. These words have limited traffic than mid-tail or head keywords. Specific searches need target combinations of the keywords. Your game or app has better chances for search results. 

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A/B Testing for Optimization

Implementation of an ASO strategy for Google Play store is a procedure that embraces optimization of an app on off-metadata and on-metadata. On-metadata factors are under control of developers: developer name, title, icon, description, feature graphics and screenshots. Remember, off-metadata factors may be out of your control: user reviews, ratings and volume.

If you are preparing to launch an app, make sure to implement the optimization of Google Play Store. You have to work on several elements for optimization of the Google Play Store. It is essential to work on conversion rate and visibility. For this purpose, you can’t forget screenshots, icon, localized texts and feature graphics.

For A/B testing, you have to create two different versions of listing elements. Compare these elements with each other. During this experiment, send half of your traffic to version A, and the remaining half will go to version B. You have to compare these options to determine their results.

You can use an A/B testing tool available in Google Play Console. Remember, the optimization procedure will not stop. It is essential to keep an eye on the Google Play Store. Developers may need different operating systems to test their apps.

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