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5 Best Apps to Boost your Tablet Speed

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What’s the benefit of best buy tablets if they don’t perform well? Are you having trouble with your mobile device? Are your tablet or smartphone not performing as well as it used to? If this is the case, then you should use an optimization app. We are naming the best apps to optimize your device.

1Tap Cleaner

An effective way to improve your phone’s performance is by getting rid of clutter. Clear the cache and your phone will speed up.

1Tap Cleaner is a cache cleaner which clears the storage space of your device. It frees up storage space by deleting temporary files often left behind by applications.

You can manually clean your devices cache files. If you don’t clean these files often, they have adverse effects on your device’s performance.

Android Assistant

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When it comes to buy best quality tablets, you always look for performance. However, it’s of no use if you don’t know how to maintain your devices optimum speed.  Android Assistant makes sure your tablet stays in top shape. It features several tools and utilities that help speed up your device.

The app helps monitor your device’s status, clean, and manage it. You can boost your device with just one click.

The main screen features three main tabs, dubbed monitor, process, and tools — each of these tabs serve their specific functions.

CPU Tuner (For Rooted Phones)

This is more of a battery saving application. It is only compatible with rooted android devices. It speeds up your processor and improves data connections, along with synchronization. This helps you save battery life and improve your device’s performance.

This app designed for buy best tablets adjusts CPU speeds and saves battery life even when the phone is in idle mode. It features a steep learning curve for advanced users as this app is more complex as compared to other tuning applications.

There are several settings to choose from. Mind the fact this app isn’t designed for first time android users.  

Gemini App Manager

Gemini App Manager is an effective tool which manages your phone’s apps. The App manager works with both rooted and unrooted android versions. It is more than a general app manager. It also kills a few tasks within the process manager.  

These buy best tablets apps give your phone a much need boost. It frees up your devices internal storage and clears the cache. It also helps to improve your tablet or smartphone’s performance.

Android Booster Free

Every device needs a boost from time to time. If your phone or tablet is getting sluggish, then you might want to try out Android Booster Free. It is one of the best optimization tools available on Google Play. It has more than 4 million users. Android Booster has task killing abilities.

It also features an app manager, traffic monitor, battery power monitor, and a file manager along with a widget. You will be surprised to know these features are available for free. If you feel your device is not performing at its best, this app will help you out. If you are interested in best buy tablets, you should install this app to get the most out of your investment.  

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