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A Brief Look at Apple’s iPad Pro 10.5

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Apple’s Ipad Pro 10.5

Apple had earlier hailed their iPad Pro as a device that could replace laptops as productivity machines if paired with a keyboard. However, the first iPad Pro model did not live up to that expectation. The issue was that the device ran on iOS that is a mobile operating system, which was basically designed for an iPhone.

The iOS software system used in iPad Pro was not suitable for multitasking and it didn’t have a traditional folder system, which made basic computer functions such as dropping and dragging a file from one folder to another impossible. However, the newly unveiled iPad Pro 10.5 with the latest iOS 11 version dramatically changed the way an iPad operates.

Below are the specifications of the latest iPad Pro 10.5 that make it a dominant and powerful device, and empower it to compete against laptops and traditional bulky devices.

Design and Hardware

The hardware of iPad Pro 10.5 looks pretty much similar to that of its predecessors but Apple has indeed put in some efforts to make subtle improvements across the board. The right and left bezels are incredibly thinner, yet the size of iPad Pro 10.5 remains roughly the same as previous iPad models with 9.7-inch displays.

The front and rear cameras look much better than the first-gen iPad Pro, especially the selfie shooter that comes with a 7-megapixel lens. Apple has not altered the display resolution but the refresh rate of the device is much better than the previous iPad Pro devices.

Software and Features

One of the major highlights of the new update is the latest software upgrade, iOS 11. The latest upgrade entirely overhauls navigation within the tablet and makes it a perfect alternative to laptops. The dock of apps seen on the bottom screen of the iPad is now a floating dock, which users can swipe to anywhere they want.

This feature allows users to jump from one app to another without going back to the home screen of the device. The app load speed is also incredible thanks to the 4 GB of RAM and A10X Fusion chip.

Performance and Battery Life

The device offers an incredible battery life of over 9 hours on a single charging cycle. In addition to that, the performance offered by the device is also praiseworthy. You will not experience lag or any other hassles when you are playing HD games or when multitasking.

The newly introduced software changes make Apple’s iPad Pro 10.5 a better work machine. However, this tablet is also an ideal choice for gamers, binge watchers, and many others.

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