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How to Tweak the Autocorrect Feature on Android Tablets

Android Tablets

Tweak Autocorrect Feature

Auto correction works when you type a word and precisely when you press the virtual keyboard’s spacebar to continue typing an important message on Android tablets. When you type a misspelled word, the autocorrect feature will automatically correct the spelling or suggest alternately spelled words through a feature known as the predictive text. The Android dictionary will simply correct a coined word automatically with a good intention, but sometimes, the word may not be what you wanted to type.

As far as Android tablets OS is concerned the autocorrect feature goes by the ‘suggestion words’, but when you enter a friend’s name or a noun, automatic correction may cause much annoyance to you. The easiest way to gain control of autocorrect feature in the default Android dictionary is to just edit the entries. So that next time onwards you type something on the Messaging app of Android, for instance, you will be able to type on your own terms.

To do that, navigate to Settings > Language & Input menu in Android and then tap on User Dictionary. In some Android devices, that will be termed as the Personal Dictionary. At the same time, tap on User Dictionary to see the list of suggested words, which your refurbished tablet has entered from your typing patterns and uses to automatically correct the so-called misspelled words. From here, you can add or delete words or edit the default dictionary in Android tablets and continue typing a long message.

However, in case you do not get to see the User Dictionary or the Personal Dictionary option, then chances are your autocorrect dictionary resides under the Keyboard Options in the Language & Input menu. In the Android settings, look for options wherein you can off the predictive text as well from the default virtual keyboard.

Navigate to Settings > Language & Input menu, tap on the Virtual Keyboard and then under the Keyboard and Input Methods, select Android Keyboard. Then, select Text Correction and then disable Next-Word Suggestions and/or Predictive Text. A toggle switch will be there in Text Correction so choose to that, and then slide to turn off Next-Word Suggestions and Predictive Text on your Android device.

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