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Some Simple Problems You May Face in Latest Windows 10 Update

Windows 10 Tablet

As technology grows, the problems increase too, which bothers the users. Sometimes, the problem is not that big, but the user is unaware of its dealing. It is important to keep yourself aware of such problems or issues. Following are a few examples of the problems of Windows 10:

Upgrading Issue Form Previous Windows:

The most common issue is that you cannot upgrade the Windows 7, 8, or 10. This is the most common frequent complaint of the users. For this, go to the control panel, run windows update troubleshooter. There is a media creation tool, download this tool and run on your personal computer.

Upgrading Issue to The Latest Windows 10 Version:

The windows 10 have upgraded to the latest version that has modified the features. You have to resort to this manual upgrading. Before upgrading the latest version, check the existing status by “about windows”. Use the windows update tool for upgrading. The media correction tool is another tool that can be used for upgrading. Download this and do manual upgrading on your personal computer.

The media correction tool will tell you about the home version or business version which you want to install. Click on install” to install the upgraded version. Windows 10 Tablet

Less Free Storage:

Mostly, the windows 10 users complain of the less free available storage of the gadget than before. When you upgrade the windows 10, then it will not get disappear from the gadget. It will remain the back somewhere with the name of windows old which has the disc space.

  • If you want the newly upgraded version running and delete the previous one, then go to the windows start icon.
  • Type “cleanup” on the search bar. The app will appear, click on it.
  • The drive selection box will appear on the screen.
  • Then select the drive on which your gadget is installed.
  • The C drive will appear at first if this is the main drive then select otherwise choose the main drive and tap ok.
  • Again, a box or window will appear on the screen 
  • A list of files will appear to delete, or you can do this by selecting the “cleanup system files”. It will make the space free for use.
  • You can also delete the previous installations that free up the large space.

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